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60% Off 6/28 - July 5th! Warehouse closed 7/1-4
60% Off 6/28 - July 5th! Warehouse closed 7/1-4
Holiday Hosting At Home!

Holiday Hosting At Home!

Some of us are social butterflies that invite everyone we know for big gatherings inside and out-- some of us (me) just like to have a few members of the family over for a well air conditioned lunch to get to bed by 9 pm. No matter which you are, you need three major things in great quality but low price: good food, good music, and good furniture. Have you ever had a nice get together at your house where everyone had to stand around with their plates in their hands because there wasn't enough seating? Or maybe an intimate get together turned out a little less aesthetic than you hoped? We got you covered (I will send you a Spotify playlist and sell you furniture but you're on your own with the grocery bill).




We even have a Natuzzi cocktail table. The magazines boasted that it was ultra clear glass-- and my shins can attest to it. This is a solid, stylish piece that won't interrupt your existing vibe.


Stackable and gorgeous Dauphin side chairs-- They add a festive pop when you need them and hide away easily when you don't. They're comfortable and chic without taking up much needed floor space.

The perfect plush, velvet Elliot Apartment Chairs to sit in to watch White Christmas three times in a row, thinking about the impossibility of snow, snow, snow in Texas. Don't worry, I am sure there will be a snowmageddon in February again.

Santini futons and this gorgeous Ashley rug are a stylish must for the high class look that can easily convert to something functional when that one relative who always needs to stay over an extra few hours drops in.

The Dura-Pella is an amazing space-age power recliner that has a middle seat that opens up into lights and cupholders. Charge your phone and relax in full style while you watch Mordechai save Hanukkah. 

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